About us
About us
About us

  VAQ Production, Trading and Service Company Limited: Manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of Mex/Construction/Bag Lining/Non-Woven/PP Non-woven Fabric & the best garment accessories in the North.

    With the motto of putting prestige, quality and progress on the top along with price competition as an advantage, we are a Manufacturer & Supplier of Mex/Construction Adhesives/PP Nonwoven Fabrics/Fabrics. Bag Lining...And the best Garment Accessories in the North of Vietnam in order to gradually bring the best benefits to our customers. With us, you will always be assured of the price, quality and service of the product lines that we currently have and that you are in need of. Each of our products is an affirmation of our brand and trust for our customers. Your benefit is our prosperity!

    Our main product, which is highly competitive in quality and price, is the line of interlining products (Mex/Building Glue/Netting/PP Nonwoven/Bag Lining...), with the tagline throughout the process. Our formation and development is "Prestige, quality, schedule assurance and price competition are our advantages!" VAQ always wishes to accompany and develop together and bring the best benefits to customers! 

Head Office: No R7.6, Road 5, The Eden Rose, Thanh Liet Ward, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

Contact:                   - 0246 293 6969 (Office)

                            - 052 883 5555 (hotline 1 & Zalo)

                                                  - 098 129 8998 (hotline 2)

• Website:                               https://phulieumaymacvaq.com

• Email 1:                              sales@phulieumaymacvaq.com


Operating Procedures Of Woven Interlining Products:

1. Pictures of product:

2. Certifications of Product 

3.  Our Advantages

(1). We are manufacture, own factory, equipment, high quality controller, and cost lower.
(2). 5 years manufacture experience.
(3). High quality, best price, and excellent service.
(4). Samples get by free.
(5). Located in Vietnam.
(6). Make according to customer requirements.
(7). Much store to meet customer urgent need.

4. Production Line of Product

Fusible interlining 100 polyester mesh fabric of manufacture

5. More Product for Choose

Fusible interlining 100 polyester mesh fabric of manufacture

6. Contact to hotline: 052.883.5555 - 098.129.8998

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